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Classic Ads

Cartoons, Comics
& Headlines

From the

1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic
which ravaged the world, killing
an estimated 50-100 million

My name is Henry Newrick. I’m a publisher, writer, entrepreneur who has been active in business for well over 50 years. Three years ago, on my return to New Zealand I compiled Classic Ads a 6 volume compendium of print ads (over 3,300 pages) covering the period 1900-1969.

Along with tens of millions around the world I have been in lock-down at my home in New Zealand.

As it is just over 100 years since one of the greatest pandemics ever and we are now in the midst of another I thought it would be interesting to take a journey back in time and see how the press responded to the pandemic back in 1918-1919.

The result is a fascinating 72 page publication full of ads, cartoons, comic strips and newspaper headlines from just over a century ago.

For a few weeks I am making the publication available for just $4.95, a 50% saving on the normal price of $9.95. It comes as a downloadable PDF file sent to your email address.

To claim your discounted copy just complete the form below and the download link will be emailed to you following receipt of payment.

All I ask in return (and there is no obligation) is that if you enjoy the book that you perhaps drop me a couple of sentences which I can use when I move to marketing the standard edition from June 1.

Order your copy here (please also tell me which country you live in). The Promo Code box tells us the source of your order. If it is not already filled in please enter a Promo code if you know it. Otherwise just enter ABC123.

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